DKURVE® BNC to RCA Adapter BNC Male to AV Phono Female plug Connector, CCTV Camera System(5-pack)

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  • BNC to RCA Adapter BNC Male to AV Phono Female plug Connector
  • 5-pack

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  • If your video signal comes from a BNC plug (such as a security camera), but your monitor or TV input is RCA, or you want to convert a RCA plug into a BNC signal, then this will be your best choice
  • The BNC to RCA adapter provides a non-interference jumper function, and is a cost-effective way to provide a safe and reliable connection between the CCTV male and female cables without generating static or phantom signals
  • The high-quality nickel-plated copper connector has higher corrosion resistance and performance, exquisite design, exquisite craftsmanship, stable signal transmission, and durability. It is also the best choice for audio and video lovers.
  • Due to the special design of BNC interface, the connection is very tight, so you do not worry about improper interface and poor contact
  • Widely used in CCTV surveillance systems, such as the connection of CCTV surveillance cameras, DVRs, standard TVs, PC monitors, etc.


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